Take your awe-inspiring Pinterest content from “crickets” to “standing ovations”

“I now know how powerful Pinterest is for driving the right traffic to my website. AND Mackenzie took away all the overwhelm to make it happen!”

“I have always had a real block when it comes to Pinterest because I always found it overwhelming, despite being pretty social savvy. Mackenzie has taken the overwhelm away and is managing it so efficiently! My pin views have increased exponentially in the time we've been working together and she patiently answers all my questions. I'm now VERY aware of just how powerful Pinterest can be in driving the RIGHT traffic to your website. If Pinterest is on your radar or part of your social strategy, YOU NEED Mackenzie Armstrong.” 
Sarah Khan
Coach/ Corporate Rehab

TRAFFIC. (The good kind)

It’s why you’re here. You want to:


  1. 1. Grow your audience and email list without the endless time suck of continuous posting and engaging on social media!
  3. 2. Breathe new life into your valuable existing content without recreating the wheel. 
  5. 3. Gain new clients (“I’ve exhausted my pool of people, Mackenzie! I need a new audience.”) 

Sound good except…

You have PTSD yet again, learning another platform that you invest so much time and effort in that may or may not “work for you”.


Visions of you being strapped to your computer desk for hours creating posts and engaging with an audience that will ghost you after you have answered a few of their questions.


Spreading yourself too thin so you can be doing “all the things” to talk to EVERYONE but NOT talking to your specific audience.

But no more… 


If you can create content …

you can and deserve to use your spectacular words of wisdom to target your audience and pack out your courses consistently with your ideal client.

Hey there… Mackenzie here!

Your Pinterest Strategist, obsessed with helping coaches and entrepreneurs get seen by the “right” audience using Pinterest organically. 

In a previous life, when I was teaching 30+ small children in a classroom I realized:

       1. that everyone learns and is attracted to different styles and mediums. 

       2. I was quickly able to adapt to changes (just like changes in the social media marketing space because we know that will be forever changing!!)

       3. being consistently busy juggling so many different personalities taught me to understand that many things go into the success of a marketing plan.

And that is why I love Pinterest! It gives you that avenue to attract different types of audiences regardless of the aesthetics they are attracted to or the forever-changing personalities and algorithms you will encounter in your business!

“Mackenzie is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to using the Pinterest platform as an SEO tool for your business.”

“Before Mackenzie, I was spending eight hours a week designing and scheduling pins to drive traffic to my site. I got that time back and was able to focus on other areas of my business instead!”

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