Hey there!

I am a Pinterest Strategist that helps entrepreneurs connect with their followers through captivating content and eye-catching pin graphics!

In a previous life I was an educator.  My expertise was in elementary education in a variety of ages.  That all changed when I became a mom! I realized that I would not be able to be the mom and teacher that I wanted to be if both were in the picture. Even though I loved my students, I took the leap and started my own business.  Using my skills as an educator and the creativity I brought to the classroom, I found that Pinterest management and  strategy was my calling! Now I am able to bring my creativity into pin descriptions and graphics that engage with your idea audience to drive clicks to your website! 

My house is filled with a loud
husband, children and a dog!

I have an addiction to
coffee ice cream!

Sarcasm is my best friend and
I always love a good laugh!

I spoke with Mackenzie this morning for the first time for a Pinterest audit. She walked me through all of the basics of Pinterest from how to set up my profile, how often to pin, how to use keywords to optimize your pins and boards, etc. I feel much more comfortable building my business on Pinterest after speaking with Mackenzie. If you are Pinterest newbie I would definitely recommend taking the time to talk to Mackenzie.
Stephanie Haller