Calling all entrepreneurs ready to grow their email list with ease!

You’re here because you want to be “more successful” at growing your email list. You want to ditch the constant hamster wheel of social media, but still have the visibility and reach to grow your audience. 


Let’s dig into this a bit deeper!! 

Social media is an excellent avenue for growing your audience, don’t get me wrong, but these platforms 

❌never want your audience to leave and move on to your website.  

❌don’t want you to add links to your posts that may be helpful to your audience

❌don’t even get me started on the never-ending changes to the algorithm

It makes my head spin just thinking about the newest trend or trying to pinpoint the trending music to add to my “stories”!

So what is a stronger, easier way to draw in your audience… 


Hi there, I am Mackenzie. Your Pinterest Strategist, obsessed with helping coaches and entrepreneurs get seen by the “right” audience using Pinterest organically. 

I am a wife and a mom of 3 little ladies! And a recovering elementary teacher.  

As a Pinterest strategist, my vibe is witty, reserved, and always wanting sushi & coffee (but not at the same time 😉).

I am not afraid to be comfortable, and rockin’ a hoodie with legging every chance I get!! And will always be jamming out to some 70s classic rock (you know you love yourself some Queen and Tom Petty).  

And I have been known to…

  • “Get my clients’ ideal people to sign up for your email list”
  • “Help get more blog and website views”
  • “Keep my clients’ accounts up to date with the newest algorithm changes on Pinterest”
  • “Get more of my clients’ time back so they can focus on other aspects of their business”

My mission is to show you how to get your content seen by your ideal audience and remind you that it is a disservice to be the “best-kept secret” in your industry

“I love that she stays up to date on Pinterest algorithm changes so that I never have to worry.”

I've been working with Mackenzie for almost a year now and she has been absolutely amazing. I love that she stays up to date on Pinterest algorithm changes so that I never have to worry. She's so easy to chat with and is great about making suggestions that could help my business grow using Pinterest! Mackenzie has definitely gone above and beyond.
Nicki Jean
The Sprinkle Topped Teacher

6 random but necessary facts about me…

1. I’m the only Leo ♌ in a family of all Scorpios ♏. You can thank these 4 for my unique ability to deal with their intense emotions and personalities (from the dynamic and assertive behavior to the determination and focus)

2 Maker of lists (like the pencil and paper kind). I love technology but there is nothing better than physically crossing off a task on your list!

3.  I was a teacher for 5 years. Taming the crazy of 30+ 7-year-olds was like trying to herd cats, but it has helped me to understand and keep up with the ever-changing strategies of marketing online.

4. Add time back into your schedule:  I have helped my clients gain an entire 8 hours back in their weekly schedule by taking over their Pinterest marketing. 

5. Traveler Extraordinaire: I have visited 9 countries outside of the U.S.  I truly believe my travels have made me the person I am today and have shaped how I interact with others in business and raise my children. 

6. I offer a sense of relief to my clients. Them knowing that I continue to grow my knowledge of the Pinterest platform gives my clients a sense of ease.

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