Dare To Pin

Uncover the 3 Part System my clients use to take their audience growth from “ok” to overflowing inside of…

Dare To Pin: Become A Pinterest Powerhouse

A FREE MASTERCLASS FOR COACHES & Service Providers ready to uncover 3 simple ways to become a Pinterest Powerhouse 


With Pinterest Strategist MackenzIe Armstrong

I scheduled a VIP day with Mackenzie to get clarity and strategy on the direction of my Pinterest account. She meticulously walked me through each step of auditing, optimizing, and strategizing my Pinterest account and usage. She gave me simple actionable steps that have helped me so much! Mackenzie is incredibly knowledgeable about the Pinterest platform and how to use it to transform your business. I HIGHLY recommend her for VIP days!
Kim Weldin
Social Media/ Blog Manager

“I don’t have the time for another course!”

“I can’t add one more thing to my plate!”

Sound familiar? 

Now, imagine in a year from now… 

You’re about to enter into a new quarter…

 Prepared and planned for the next launch or that new service you are wanting to offer, and you…

Have the “right” people visiting your content

Are getting time back in your schedule that does not have to be wasted on your marketing

Established an easy to follow strategy for your future content 

Have 3x your blog views 

ENTERS the sigh of relief… because… you are prepared, your audience is YOUR person, and they are primed to learn all about what is new in your business

These are real things that have happened to my clients when they unlocked the power of Pinterest.

So if you want to go from…

spending hours a week on Instagram and Facebook engaging on the platform for the algorithm to show your content to “your” audience (but are they really your ideal people.) 

creating post after post and hope it gets seen.  

wasting your $$ on ads, but NOT finding “your people”?

Or worse…

not being consistent with your marketing because you are spread too thin

To the opposite of that then Dare To Pin: Become A Pinterest Powerhouse Masterclass is for you!

Mackenzie is THE top Pinterest strategist! She is a brilliant and natural strategist. Her innate ability to strategize to teach any novice or established podcaster is amazing. She impressed me with her friendly and strong leadership qualities. If you are looking to move your podcasting career to another platform, I highly recommend Mackenzie Armstrong. You will not be disappointed!
Jackie Adams
Freelance designer

Pinterest is about getting off the proverbial hamster wheel and using the content you have already created to have your audience gravitate to YOU

As a Pinterest strategist with over 4 years of helping my clients build their email lists and website traffic here is what I know…

What is the point of creating all of your amazing content and it collecting dust on your website if no one sees it… Pinterest is a game changer for getting your blogs seen and podcasts heard!

Amazing news: It’s not too late to start

If you can create never-ending posts on ALL of your social media accounts

Pinterest will be a breeze!

This is the same framework I use with all of my clients

You have the content, now let’s get people to your website to actually see it!

Make No Mistake:

Adding Pinterest to your Marketing can and will help you grow your audience 

But more importantly people who need your expertise will consume your content and grow in their goals and aspirations!

Your Pinterest Power starts here!

So are you going to join us?

Mackenzie is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to using the Pinterest platform as an SEO tool for your business. Before Mackenzie, I was spending eight hours a week designing and scheduling pins to drive traffic to my site. I got that time back and was able to focus on other areas of my business instead!
Courtney Fanning
Branding Strategist/ Copywriter