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the Sh*t Out of Attracting Your Dream Clients with… 



With Pinterest Strategist

Mackenzie Armstrong

Simplify your marketing in just 2 days!

For coaches and entrepreneurs with blogs or podcasts that want to populate their course with an organic Pinterest Marketing Strategy

I have always had a real block when it comes to Pinterest because I always found it overwhelming, despite being pretty social savvy. Mackenzie has taken the overwhelm away and is managing it so efficiently! My pin views have increased exponentially in the time we've been working together and she patiently answers all my questions. I'm now VERY aware of just how powerful Pinterest can be in driving the RIGHT traffic to your website. If Pinterest is on your radar or part of your social strategy, YOU NEED Mackenzie Armstrong.

Sarah Khan
Corporate Rehab (Coach)

If you could grow your audience without constantly being on social media


…would you give yourself that freedom 

or would you…


🚫continue the time and energy suck of the endless posting and engaging in Facebook groups?

🚫having to constantly show up on Instagram to connect with your audience and nurture the relationship with little to no return

🚫keep feeling like you aren’t coming off authentically 

🚫continue to not be consistent with your marketing because nothing has worked enough to grow your business and you are spread too thin

Luckily, you can avoid all this:


By optimizing your Pinterest account with my 


“Launch Your Pinterest In A Day” VIP Day 

You’ll start attracting your ideal audience to your blog or podcast & populating your courses with ready-to-buy clients.


Hey there!! I am Mackenzie… 


✔A Pinterest Strategist…

✔Former educator…

✔with a knack for helping my clients activate their Pinterest Power like my client Nicki…


Nicki is an educator that sells resources to other teachers through her blog.  In January of 2020, Nicki was getting 12,600 views on her blog.  

We started working together in October of 2020 and by January 2021 Nicki’s blog views jumped to 41,500 with us only working together for 3 months!!! 

Now 1 in 5 of her blog views comes from Pinterest and is still growing! 


Talk about growth. But how…


Let me break down why this happened…

When Nicki decided to work with me in October 2020 she was posting on Pinterest, but not regularly and her account was not optimized to reach her ideal audience! 

 She did not have a set strategy in place to grow her content!  

Gaining access to her account I was able to…

-create a cohesive pinning strategy for her content

-clean up her existing boards and create new boards aligned with her content topics

-Optimize her account to be chock-full of keyword-rich descriptions and titles

– Create a Pinterest account and pin graphics that reflect her branding and values! 

-and so much more! 


And this is what I have created inside of this VIP Day experience!

3 Reasons Why You Want To Launch Your Pinterest

1. Get more traffic to your website with ease

Get off the hamster wheel of constant posting and end that feeling of throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping your content will stick with someone! Let your content speak for itself and draw in your ideal audience! 

 2. Add longevity and searchability to your content!

No one wants to feel like they are creating this amazing content that never reaches their audience (because it is hiding on their website collecting dust)  just hoping someone stumbles upon it and see its real value!- Add it to a platform that allows your audience to search and find YOU!

 3. Illuminate your content with visuals to attract a different scope of audience 

Speak to your audience not just in words but by visually catching their eye with scroll-stopping graphics.  Draw in your potential audience with spectacular images and capture their interest with your amazing content! Adding visual elements can help you reach a pool of followers that you never knew were there! Don’t miss out on that opportunity 


I scheduled a VIP day with Mackenzie to get clarity and strategy on the direction of my Pinterest account. She meticulously walked me through each step of auditing, optimizing, and strategizing my Pinterest account and usage. She gave me simple actionable steps that have helped me so much! Mackenzie is incredibly knowledgeable about the Pinterest platform and how to use it to transform your business. I HIGHLY recommend her for VIP days!

Kim Weldin
Social Media/ Blog Manager

Here is how you will activate your Pinterest Power

I will roll up my sleeves and tackle the following phases for your Pinterest…

Phase 1

Check your account by auditing your current Pinterest strategy (if you have one!)

-Checking account appearance, analytics, pinning schedule, traffic, audience, and your website!

Phase 2

Craft a branded account profile, descriptions, and titles that are all keyword rich!

Phase 3

Create custom graphics for your pins, board covers, and profile banner (Including branded pin templates for you to plug n’ play for your new fresh content)

Phase 4

Connect your newly branded graphics to your account showcasing your unique style and brand!

Phase 5

Cultivate a strategy for you moving forward so you know exactly what to create and pin to your account to draw in your audience. We will also be reviewing in-depth all of the changes made to your account and teach you how to find enticing yet SEO-rich keywords for your content that will draw in your audience so they will be able to like, know, and trust you! 


A few hours later, I’ll hand-deliver your Pinterest Power Plan:

Key Word Bank: help get your content seen by the right people!

5 Customized pin templates and 1 Customized Idea pin template that are branded: So you can just plug N’play with ease

1 Week of scheduled pins: These pins are already uploaded to Pinterest so you are not scrambling to get your content out 

2 Weeks of Voxer support if any questions arise (because who doesn’t want or need a bit of extra support)

Strategy, Optimization & Audit review deck: A detailed document that outlines what was working on your Pinterest account and where you have room to grow!

Tutorials on how to manually schedule static pins, video pins, & idea pins: Quick snippets of video that show you how to get your content onto the platform!

Workflows and Road Map of your next steps!: Grab a quick look at weekly, biweekly & monthly Pinterest tasks

Mackenzie is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to using the Pinterest platform as an SEO tool for your business. Before Mackenzie, I was spending eight hours a week designing and scheduling pins to drive traffic to my site. I got that time back and was able to focus on other areas of my business instead!

Courtney Fanning
Branding Strategist/ Copywriter

(only 4 spots available per month)

You probably have some questions, don’t you…

Want to get seen by your ideal audience without the hamster wheel and start your Pinterest journey?

The actual VIP Day takes place over two days back to back

Not at all! There will be a 1-2 hour meeting at the end of the second day.  You will have to able to be reached via Voxer or Messenger in case of any clarifying questions I may have! 

In order for you to grow your Pinterest account it is vital to have regular content being published.

Pinterest is a platform that takes 3-6 months to grow.  The most exciting aspect of Pinterest is that your content will now be searchable and the longevity of your content will be exponentially longer than any other Social Media platform!@ 

Of course! You just need to have content that is being published regularly! 

By the end of our time together you will only have to devote 4-5 hours a month to your organic Pinterest Marketing!! You read that right 4-5 hours for free organic marketing! 

After the VIP Day you will only need to spend 4-5 hours a month on Pinterest!

Most definitely!! I will provide you with tutorials and quick & easy to follow guides that can be easily handed off to a team member or Virtual Assistant!

Remember when you started reading this page… 

You felt that motion sickness of the round and round of the constant posting hamster wheel.


You felt like you have amazing content, but “oh sh*t” no one is seeing it.


All I can say is Einstien said it best… “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”


But that isn’t going to be you…


You want to take back your time.


Get back to the reason you became the coach/entrepreneur in the first place.


You want your audience to gain value from your amazing content and grow from their learning!

Are you ready to take back your time and start generating an audience?

(only 4 spots available per month)

I've been working with Mackenzie for almost a year now and she has been absolutely amazing. I love that she stays up to date on Pinterest algorithm changes so that I never have to worry. She's so easy to chat with and is great about making suggestions that could help my business grow using Pinterest! Mackenzie has definitely gone above and beyond.

Nicki Jean
The Sprinkle Topped Teacher

Pinterest Strategy & Optimization VIP Day Bundle

Let your TRANSFORMATION begin…